About us


Started by first time women entrepreneur Prachi and Shuchita, with a classic blend of style and culture, we are a part of the artisanal-fluent workforce that is committed to revival of handloom and supporting India’s most talented artisans and weavers together to create incredible master pieces. We strive to bring rarest weaves, textures, patterns, art, and jewellery in limelight, globally, and making it available and affordable for everyone. Our products are curated, keeping the roots of India in mind; each one with a story behind to leave a distinct impression on you. 
Feel free to explore and we appreciated your support and feedback in our commitment to serve you the best!



Well, there is not much of a story here. But to give an idea of where it all started.. Well it all started in the sacred city of BANARAS.
A city in Mark Twains word " City older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”
It was a small but long pending trip, one which changed the course of our lives. Apart from famous Ghats and Chaat's  (read more about  Banaras in our blog section ), Banaras is famous for its unique, colorful and vibrant market of Banarasi sarees. Chatting with weavers and understanding the art n science behind each magical piece stayed with us long after we left. And the realization that this talented community of weaver rely on us , patrons, to keep this age old culture, craftmanship and art alive. Being an ardent fan of sarees and all ethnic wears, we ended up buying lot more that we actually planned and decided to showcase all our curations to our friends and colleagues. Witnessing a surprisingly enthusiastic response, we ended up selling all our cherished beauties and when people asked for more BeGorgeousByPS  was born.
Rest  assured, our products are not just authentic, they’re curated with lots of love and each have a story behind it.



Our mission is to keep saree pratha alive by building a vibrant community of Indian weavers and artisans to provide our customers with the best, most authentic handmade products. Made with love, from India.


To promote and encourage and give a global platform to the creativity of Indian craftsmen and further enrich India's artisanal roots in all fields.


What sets us apart?

  • Our range of products - both design and price. There’s something special for everyone!
  • Super fast delivery- 3 day priority shipping (On most products)
  • We care about YOU and we do our best to let YOU know.